Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shaundrie wants to know.... WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING?!?!?

     So. I can not comprehend it. Why are you fighting? Is it because she harmed your child? Did she get you fired from your job? Did she steal prize possessions from you? Did she get you evicted? Why are you fighting? FURTHERMORE, WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING ON TV!?!?!?! These shows are really foolish. These women sit around drinking at lunch discussing one another; only to have some staged event for the “confrontational fight”. Seriously, if this is your source of entertainment, you need to do some deep soul searching and maturing. This behavior is not normal or even rational. I am having an extremely hard time grasping the interest in America's obsession with this train wreck. Not only is it setting an extremely poor example for the youth, its creating unwanted stereotypes of African American women. So again I ask…why are you fighting?????

     “I’m not here to be a role model. Being a role model is the parent's responsibility”, said by many celebrities. Well, the reality of the situation is that YOU ARE a role model. Children admire and aspire to be JUST LIKE YOU! According to the Annie E.Casey Foundation, forty percent of households in 2010 were single parent homes. Some parents maybe working more than one job per day. That means, at some point that child may be left at home ALONE. Television programming does the job of babysitters and it occupies their minds. However instead of producing beneficial, education or comical program we are subjected to this:

And this:

Which has caused this:

And this:

     This nonsense has spill into our society. These networks are teaching our children that violence is the only way to solve problems. This scripted programming is becoming a detriment to our society, period. At one point fighting was not even allowed on television, unless in movies or fictional programming. It did not truly appear until the Jerry Spinger era. Even then most children were attending school during its time slot.

     So whose to blame for the brainwashing of our society and the embracing of violence? Parents? Television writers and producers? It is the parents responsibility to ensure their kids do not have access to these shows. However, it is also the television networks responsibility to provide quality programming to encourage positive behaviors. If you want to show violence in this nature, it needs to be shown after hours or on premium networks (I.e. HBO, SKINMAX…). I will bet against the house that the producers are not allowing their children to watch those shows and neither should you.

Well, what happens when the parents themselves do not know any better?

     It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes, we have to love our neighbors as thyself. We have to embrace other children as if they were our own. We have to set positive examples for our peers giving them the desire to do better. A true woman of virtue will work or attend school, take care of her home and family. She has no time for drama and cattiness. She is focused on achieving her goals and inspiring others to be successful. She has no time for jealousy for, SHE IS HER OWN COMPETITION. If she has a problem with you, she will deal with it in a mature fashion and ABSOLVE the problem. We have to ensure that they understand that this is reality television but not REAL LIFE. WOMEN DO NOT behave as these chicks the word “women” gives them too much class on Basketball Wives or Bad Girls Club. Its completely juvenile and they need to GROW UP! I plea to you, please do not pattern yourself after these women.

You are WORTH much more than that!

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