Saturday, December 12, 2009


I love sweaters during the winter!  They are very versatile.  A sweater can be sexy and sophisticated, professional, cozy and comfortable or just plain cute.  Here is my Saturday Wintry Blue Sweater and Handsome in Brown Collections!

Wintry Blue 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jay-Z Sues Tea House for Ripping 'Umbrella'

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Does Jay-Z even know where Mobile, Alabama is located? He has never come here for a concert.

Jay-Z Sues Tea House for Ripping 'Umbrella'

Wondering Why on Wednesday

Okay...I DON'T care if Tiger Woods has cheated on his wife. Most men cheat...a man will be a man. What is news about this event? I swear I'd rather be rich than famous! Before these messy ass bloggers obtained a voice, a celebrity could have SOME privacy. Its really a shame, if a celebrity farts too hard it will become news! Can we find something else 2 blog about? Instead of destroying careers and causing unnecessary commotion, can we use these platforms that reach millions for the greater good?

I don't condone and nor I am concerned with Tiger Woods actions. HE violated the seventh COMMANDMENT, "Thou shalt not commit adultery..." Exodus 20:14. It is ONLY GOD'S job to judge him and only he can truly punish him 4 his actions! We live in a judgmental society of supposedly "die-hard" Christians. However, they fail to live by one of the great bible verses, "Judge not, for ye will be judged..." Luke 6:37. Furthermore, in this country, you're guilty until proven innocent & when proven are still guilty. I wouldn't have told y'all a flicker flying freaking thing about my personal life.